“Coughs and sneezes spread diseases”

The title is a saying that dates back decades. Here’s a video to prove it that’s quite amusing, but carries the right message!

As it suggests, sneezing into the air in public places spreads your germs onto all kinds of surfaces, for example, door handles, counter tops, other people’s clothes! Other people then touch these things and touch their food, or other people’s food, or other door handles and before you know it your sneeze has travelled 10 miles and thousands of people have come into contact with it! It’s the same for coughs and other airborne viruses.

I live in London and the amount of people you see who sneeze into their hands and then hold onto a pole on the tube is honestly sickening. For somebody with a PID this is like a minefield!! What’s safe to touch? Who nearby is carrying something? How long before I pick something up? You just never know. 

Sometimes I just want to fire a canons worth of packets of tissues at these inconsiderate people! Alas, whilst unless there’s very kind healthy people reading this who may make an extra effort to catch their germs in a tissue and bin it when they can, there’s not much we can do about the germs. For those with a PID, or those people (bless their perfect souls) who do this already and would like to be protected from the germs kindly donated by all those unhygienic people who don’t, there’s ways we can all reduce our chances of picking up these viruses!

Firstly, it’s wise to carry a little bottle of antibacterial gel or a small packet of wet wipes with you when you go out. This way you can ensure your hands are clean before you touch your mouth, eyes, or food. 

Secondly, when leaving a public toilet (after you have washed your hands), use a piece of tissue to screw the tap shut and turn the hand dryer on if they’re not automatic. DEFINITELY use tissue to open the door to exit the whole toilet vicinity.. It’s repulsing how many people don’t wash their hands after they go to the loo!

Thirdly, try not to touch too many public rails, tube poles or door handles. It seems simple but if you don’t touch them you won’t pick up the germs that are on them. 

Fourthly, CLEAN YOUR PHONE SCREENS AND COMPUTER KEYBOARDS REGULARLY! It is said that they harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat – how gross is that?!

Finally, if you are at work and school (or even at home) and a peer or family member is sick then try and work somewhere that’s not close to them. Definitely don’t use the same pens and pencils etc. The further away the better!

If you’re sick just please be considerate that other people would rather not receive a barrage of pathogens from your mouth or nose (especially those with PIDs)!

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