First Subcutaneous Infusion!

Today, I had my first subcut infusion of 8g of immunoglobulins. I’m learning to do them myself so I don’t have to visit the hospital every week!

I say had, but really I mean ‘did’. My nurse was showing me how to do everything and then I had to do it too. Oh my goodness I was SO scared to push the needles in!! I had to put two in, and not knowing how it was going to feel made me so nervous. I was chatting to my nurse who is just lovely, and my mum, and managed to talk about 4 different topics whilst I was half psyching myself up and half getting more wound up about doing it. Eventually I just took a deep breath in and just jabbed the needle into a big pinch of flesh on my stomach…

And guess what?!


I was so relieved, I can’t tell you. 


shortly after the infusion started

Sadly, once the fluid started going in I experienced severe itching and some discomfort, as well as redness, and have now been left with two big lumps that look like very small breasts either side of just below my belly button – delightful! Initially they were huge, but they have gone down slightly now as it has been 6 hours since my infusion finished. But overall it honestly was nowhere near as bad as I expected and I actually don’t feel too grim either!

some of the remaining swelling

 The whole process took about an hour, including preparing the infusion; i.e drawing the fluid, connecting all the tubes, sorting out the pump and puting the needles in etc, and then also the fluid going in. I don’t feel too bad now – I just have some slight aching in my abdomen and mild burning/pain around the puncture holes. I am waiting to see how I get on over the next few days, as after my first IV infusion I got so sick and have been on antibiotics since! Fingers crossed I feel fighting fit. 
On another positive note, my blood counts are normal!! I have healthy IgG levels and I’m so happy about that! Thank you infusions! Eeek

How many of you have subcut infusions that you do yourself? How did you find it when you first started?

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