Quick Update

Hello everybody, little update as haven’t really uploaded anything this week but I’ve been very busy behind the scenes!

I’ve finally got all the information I need about the PIP benefit application and plan to start the application process soon. I have also been researching a university grant for people with disabilities. (All UK only as far as I know). 

Many people are not aware that the broad spectrum of PIDs are actually classified as a disability under the Disabled Act (in the UK), and therefore you can get help accordingly to cope with day to day struggles! It’s a very depressing process trying to mentally put yourself in the position of how you feel on your worst days and trying to note down how hard things are for you to undertake at those times, such as showering or getting dressed. However it’s also hopeful as at the end you may finally end up with a reward that can help improve your quality of life somewhat! 

If you need any information or questions, please email me at: liveyourselfbetter@gmail.com

I have felt rather unwell this week; but on my better days I have been busy busy. Yesterday I had a solid half day at school of back to back lessons, then rushed home in time for my driving lesson which was TWO HOURS! It was my third lesson and my instructor took me on the dual carriageway.. I went up to gear 5 and was driving 50mph. Crazy! Very fun though. It’s so empowering to actually feel like you’re accomplishing something, as recently I’ve felt rather unconfident in my abilities (or rather inabilities) to focus and concentrate for a sustained period on things such as my studies or reading a book etc. It’s been a challenge but I’m enjoying driving so much!

I then had 2 hours of maths tutoring to help me catch up in prep for mocks next week (but also for my As maths exams this year as they are my only unreformed subjects). By the time I had dinner it was 9pm and I was completely exhausted! 

The relief that it is infusion day today is just unmeasurable! I hate doing them, but I’ve felt so dreadful for the past 5 days that I was almost tempted to bring it forward! Does everybody else get that? It must be pretty common to feel the lull before your infusion. 

Also, fun fact of the week;

The combined gratitude but also frustration when somebody tells you how well you are looking when in fact you often feel like you’ve just about scraped through surviving WW3 you’ve been so I’ll is because … *drum roll please*

… It is not actually the infection/illness that makes you look ill, it’s the action of the immune system! PID = no immune system function = looking peachy when really we just want to curl up in a ball and hibernate for 200 years! Mad, huh?!

Have a lovely weekend, and pop back on Sunday to have a read of this week’s Super-Sunday Post! 

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