Super-food Sunday: Classic Roast Dinner

Now I’m sure you’re all thinking “roast dinner?!! Super-food??!? Are you crazy?” and yes.. You’re correct; it’s not a ‘super-food’…… it’s a super-meal πŸ˜‰ 

For one day only, I have reinvented the definition of ‘super-food’ in honour of Mother’s Day. To me, a classic Sunday roast is the ultimate comfort food and is actually a well balanced meal! (Providing you don’t do what I do and eat about 32 roast potatoes). 

Today I have decided to use my energy reserves to treat my mum in return for all her awesome mumliness and the amount she has cared for and helped me get through recent months whilst my health has been at its worst! I have been very ill recently and I decided that today was a day for no complaints on my part (despite feeling awful), and a day to treat my lovely mummy, Karen. 

So, what’s on the ‘classic roast’ menu for today?

~ main ~

Roast Beef with homemade Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, parsnips, roasted carrots and peas


mammoth meal! i’m so proud of my Yorkshires

~ dessert ~

Homemade crème caramel (served with strawberries)


not very photogenic, but certainly delicious

It was all so tasty and I’m proud that I managed it mostly without help, especially feeling so unwell! This ‘super-meal’ feeds your soul and your heart. For me it also evokes such good memories of my incredible roast dinners my mum has cooked throughout my childhood, which have always been my favourite ever! She said it was like she cooked it herself – so that’s good enough for me! I’m clearly my mother’s daughter πŸ™‚

I hope all mothers reading this were appropriately treated today! Happy Sunday everybody.